Michael Mayell – Take a shot

“Synchronicity is my drug!” – Michael Mayell

Synchronicity is also the theme of this conversation and what led to me to meet Michael Mayell, founder of Nutrient Rescue, Cookie Time, and a passion for a plant-powered life for all. 

When you open your eyes and ears to the world and start to share your vision and dreams of a plant-powered utopia it’s amazing what life returns. 

A few weeks back I was looking for some Organic plant-based green powder from New Zealand, similar to Athletic Greens which Tim Ferris promotes, when I came across Nutrient Rescue. I then met a wonderful woman Lizzy at Wanderlust, we got talking, and by chance, she mentioned she had just met Michael about his new business Nutrient Rescue! What are the chances and where can I get a cacao smoothie I thought! So I got in touch with Michael as I wanted to try his new plant-powered products and find out what he was all about. A week later my friend Cam Sims returned from the south island and mentioned he had been shooting a video for Michael in Christchurch for Nutrient Rescue among other things. All the stars, cookies, and plant powders lined up and led me to an hour or so on Skype with Michael.

Michael Mayell Podcast

What instantly struck me was Michael’s enthusiasm, openness, zest for life, and a picture of him performing the splits on his coffin on a lake on his 50th birthday. I knew from that image and the infectious tone in his voice that it was going to be a life-changing and fascinating conversation and it was and so much more.

During the conversation we covered everything from the vision behind Nutrient Rescue, how he started Cookie Time, minimalism, how business failings are compost, sustainable housing projects, food sharing network, Singularity University, ayahuasca in Peru, Terence Mckenna, medicinal marijuana, hemp farms, the ultimate breakfast, living life a purpose, why we should have free plant-based food for all and how to make NZ the healthiest most sustainable country on the planet.

I’m sure this episode will whet your appetite to try the amazing Nutrient Rescue which is the most nutritious and delicious plant powders I’ve tried yet. And also to be part of a plant-powered positive revolution in NZ and beyond. If so please share to help unite and inspire others on this journey and any feedback is always much appreciated. 

Think less, experience more & take a shot at following your passion and eating more plants, 

Yours happily.