The fun of family & failure – Ido Drent

“I am me and I’m really happy with me. And I’m comfortable with growing and sharpening and improving at my own rate. If it all ends today, i’m happy with…who I am, warts and all… That’s been a massive learning curve. Sitting in that. Resting in that. Making myself vulnerable. To step out and not worry about getting approval.” 

– Ido Drent

Welcome to episode 23 of DOUGIT the Podcast with Ido Drent and yours happily!

There’s a saying I love that those who are offended easily should be offended more often. And it was funny that when I posted this image of Ido, his wife Mandy and Baby Bastian wearing their Indian clothing there was a few harsh comments from people who were offended. I asked why and apparently the head pieces are sacred in the traditional Indian cultures and have been bastarised of late, I could image it must of been all the rage at Coachella or with some clique socialites. Any who I thought this was interesting and relevant to the talk.

Ido Drent

You see as I took the photo of Ido’s FB page as I thought it was a nice family shot and thought nothing of the head piece at the time as i’m sure he thought nothing of when dressing up. But it was interesting that some were wearing the burden of this outfit being offence on their own social shoulders, pun intended, and rather than informing they were happy to just point the finger and create a sense of separatness. I don’t intend to point the finger back but simply open up the discussion. Which leads me to my conversation with Ido which was really a treat and was all about this idea of not needing approval. 

For those who don’t know Ido, he’s a entertainer at heart and a rather dapper looking Actor on paper. Formally of Shortland Street, When We Go To War (NZ WW1 series), INXS doco, The Brokenwood mysteries and recently Offspring, he’s had many roles on TV and now roles in life. He’s also a crossfit athlete and pioneer, Husband and amazing father, volunteer and representative of many charities. I love his attitude to like to seek constant improvement, to have faith in a higher power, to be part of a community and his abilities and the discipline to work towards his dreams, inspire others and raise a family. 

The guy has plenty on his plate and I really appreciated his time to sit down to talk about his path to where he is today, his tips and tricks and philosophies on life and family with another one on the way. I hope you enjoy and that it will inspire you to step out of the comfort zone and know the only approval you need comes from you. 

“The paradox of freedom is there’s no freedom without discipline.” 

– Echoed by Ido Drent, myself and many others.