Smoothie Rockstar – Graedon Parker

“One smoothie at a time, we are on a mission to inspire and empower New Zealanders to realize the age old truth – food is medicine.” 

– Graedon Parker/Organic Mechanic – 

Welcome to episode #9 of #DOUGIT with Graedon Parker – smoothie rockstar and one of the founders of Organic Mechanic.

I feel so lucky to have met this guy and his extended Organic Mechanic family and to now have the chance to share his story the OM amazing Organic Kombucha! Using the promo code “DOUGIT” you wonderful listeners will get 20% off your first subscription of this delicious elixir of health – Order here. 

During the podcast we cover off what an amazing gift of goodness this Kombucha is. We have millions of bacteria in our gut that literally drive our happiness and state of mind, quite literally by producing serotonin and processing what we consume. The OM Kombucha is one of the best on the market, recommended by the likes of Tanya Ellison from the Wellness Hub and episode 8 of DOUGIT, it’s 100% Organic, made with love, beautiful black tea, Fijian Ginger and live cultures. And it’s a great gift to yourself and others. And i’m not getting paid to say this, but I do get given a few extra bottles from the boys 😛

We also cover off Graedon’s entertaining inspiring story. How he took his health into his own hands, found a new perspective through experimenting with art, substances and crazy smoothy recipes, and why he puts people over profit and organic fruit and vege’s into blenders. 

Not only has he helped bring Smoothies in to Schools, markets and hospitals and Kombucha to the people. He’s also campaigning for hemp, giving out free hugs, producing amazing creative work and raising the consciousness of the world. 

Check out his story, the OM smoothie’s and Kombucha and links below – it’s all delicious nutritious stuff for the body and mind.

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Think Less, Experience more and know health is the true wealth. 


“Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”



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Graedon’s Story:

Culminating in 2012, Graedon studied a Visual Communication Degree at Massey University in Wellington.

Whilst studying, he was often out doing more important things like skating, tramping, going to the markets, partying and working on the latest smoothie combo. Throughout this experience, and most probably from the adrenaline depletion of one-too-many all nighters finishing last minute uni-work combined with an active social life, Graedon become sick, and in his current state of awareness, he could not find a solution to his problem.

He realized the path he was walking, and looking around at society, he saw where it could lead, and on behalf of his own higher purpose, made a decision – which was perhaps one of the best things he ever did.

Graedon sought to help liberate and educate other students in his age group of 18-24 about the idea of treating food and lifestyle as preventative medicine, aiming to help restore balance into the crazy student lifestyle, and to prevent chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease and cancer from ever occurring in the first place.

In response to this, for his final year project, he created ‘Education not Medication’ – an awareness campaign based largely on social media which surprisingly (along with a few other classmates) rode all the way to an international Red Dot Award. See the video here.

Through following this passion (despite words from others) after university, the idea eventually manifested into a smoothie enterprise, what is now the ‘Organic Mechanic’, which you can find online, on Instagram, and facebook, and every weekend down at the Parnell La Cigale French Markets in Auckland.

Throughout this adventure, Graedon has been an avid supporter of cannabis/hemp and it’s variety of different uses for food, fuel, fibre, medicine, clothing, houses, jobs and prosperity around the world. In 2014 he created Hemp for Victory – a social enterprise geared at creating awareness of the crop and it’s variety of uses that could help shape a more positive future for the earth and all of its inhabitants.

You can find Graedon at the beach, in the bush, at the markets, or doing some chalk art on the street.


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”