Bryce Langston – Living big in a Tiny house

“It is not length of life, but depth of life.” –

Ralph Waldo Emerson

l  was happy as Larry/Doug to pry Bryce away from his Living Big in a Tiny House life to sit down in his wonderful tiny house on wheels to chat about all things big and small.  

Bryce Langston is a minimalist, permaculturalist, documentary maker, actor and musician who is a big voice in the tiny house movement as founder of Living Big in a Tiny House. His youtube channel has millions of views and is as slick as banana peels coated in coconut oil on a hot pan. It’s also quite reminiscent of Grand Designs which I thoroughly enjoy. I Justin Bieber believe you will love this episode as we go into the art of building small, the changing housing landscape, all the tips tricks and pitfalls on building your own tiny house, as well as Bryce’s philosophies, passions and work outside of his tiny house blog. 

It was a really inspiring podcast for me personally and has reinforced for me the idea of functional design, downsizing, minimalism and questioning norms. I love the idea of a Tiny House, I’m trying to convert my Landrover Defender into something of the sorts, particularly as i’m traveling at the moment through Mexico and appreciate the freedom of having my life in a back back and realising what is important in life, and it ain’t stuff that’s for sure. Freedom, friends, experiences and a place to call home are key human needs. I hope this podcast helps you find them for yourself in the most wonderful, sustainable, creative way that adds something to the world rather than taking it away. 

Think less, experience more, build small and live big, 

Yours happily