Andrew Steele Artist Podcast

Welcome to Episode 20 of DOUGIT – the podcast – with the myth, the man, the legend – Andrew J Steel! 

Since leaving his mums womb and his former creative brand – BMD – Andrew has become his own man, forging a career as a full time creative painting some of NZ’s most iconic murals amongst many other things. 

Andrew J Steel

I love Andrews work and the way he works. From his loose hands-drawn styles, to his messaging and symbolism, to the way he innovates and carries himself. The guy has a spark in his eye, a pen in his hand and a bigger purpose, to make people and the world better through art, and have fun and sex on the way. 

Andrew is already making a mark on the world stage, quite literally, with works all through the likes of Bali and Australia. I think he NZ’s very own Keith Haring, with amazing energy behind and in his work. Make sure you follow Andrew below and get a piece of his creative wizardry and get creative in the bedroom when. 

Think less, experience more and get creative in and out of the bedroom.