“"I feel so so lucky to be alive.” – Terenzo Bozzone

Terenzo Bozzone is a professional triathlete and 5X World Champion. He is also husband to a beautiful wife Kelly and a father to two amazing children - a son, Cavallo, and a daughter, Zaya.

In July 2018, Terenzo was knocked off his bike and knocked unconscious suffering sever facial and head injuries. He has since made a full recovery and had a remarkable return to racing, winning the Western Sydney half Ironman and then a week later the Western Austraila in Busselton. Terenzo now has his sights set on winning the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

It was a real treat to sit down with Terenzo at Orphans Kitchen to discuss his dreams on and off the swim, bike and run.

Think less, experience more and enjoy ,

: Doug

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