“The greatest wealth is health”


Yolo! And welcome to episode #8 with Tanz! Aka Tanya Ellison from the Wellness Hub.

It's bananas how those who care the most about food often also stress the most about food. During this talk with Tanya we cover off why this is, the big food issues, the big not food issues, her story overcoming Graves disease (an autoimmune condition of the thyroid), her health recommendations, why you should be open in life and business and drum roll please.... How you can win a 6 pack of Tanya's impressive cold pressed juices from the Wellness Hub in their spritely new glass jar which are totally Instagramable!!! #delicious :P

A little about Tanya... She is a nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in psychology, a PHD in being lovely (that's a joke) and she is currently working towards her Diploma in Holistic nutrition and yoga teacher training. Her mission is to share her knowledge and to help others by providing delicious content and delicious cold press juices through the Wellness Hub 

I love Tanya's organic unfolding, pun intended, for her life and business. How she makes laughing at home mandatory, how she opens her heart, ask why and wakes up each day making a choice about how she is going to spend the day. She's a well of wellness knowledge, has a wonderful smile, sense of humour, partner, dog and a holistic approach to health that goes far beyond food. 

At the end of the day, health and happiness are inside jobs and it they start with asking questions and having fun along the way. The process is the prize people!I Enjoy the ride. Enjoy one of Tanya's juices sometime and if you want to be in to win a mix 6 pack of cold press juices from the Wellness Hub make sure you like them on facebook here, subscribe to their newsletter on their website here follow write a review of the podcast on this page or in iTunes. And if you really want you can bake me a raw cacao cake :P

Think less, experience more, laugh more,


"It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently."

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