"Trade your expectations for gratitude and the world changes instantly.”
- Tony Robbins

Apa Kabar!? (How are you in Indonesian) Welcome to episode #6 of #DOUGIT with Jay Goodey from ONCEIT.

This episode is brought to you from the beautiful beaches, waves, beers, yoga studios, sunsets, and dragonfruit bowls of Bali. Jay, my brother Harry (who features on Piano during the intro) and took a little week escape to Canggu to escape the NZ winter. It's a magical place to spend sometime, living like a king for a week for the the price of Ponsonby haircut. 

Jay is an old young friend from New Plymouth, #Taradise aka Taranaki. He has always been an entrepreneurial man of many talents dabbling in painting, fashion design, writing and playing music, editing film, surfing waves and just being a super humble and genuine nice guy. The kind of guy who when my brother was sick dropped what he was doing and took a week off work just to be by his bed side. 

I am very grateful to have him as a friend, a sounding board for ideas, and as a reliable friday night burger and beer and now bali buddy. It was a pleasure to sit down with him for a quick chat, sacrificing some surf and Bintangs in paradise, to share some of his ideas, stories and inspiration on his fashion rags to online retain riches.

In this episode we cover off how he got started with ONCEIT - which is now one NZ's fastest growing businesses, doubling year on year in size and now with over 250,000 members - why he wanted to quit everyday for the first year, to his daily rituals, company culture tips, favourite vegetable, a book about frogs (reddit ;), how to dream big by thinking small, working backwards to go forwards, and how Tony Robbins is much more than a Memphis Meltdown parody. 

I hope you get plenty out of this episode, make sure you check out ONCEIT, think of three things to be grateful for, think three things you want to achieve today, and enjoy riding the wave on board and in life where ever you may be.

As always any reviews, comments, shares would be much appreciated.  Hope you dougit and terima kasih (thank you in Indonesian) for listening, it means a lot to me.

Think less, experience more, 

: Doug


Book - Eat that Frog

Video - Tony Robbins - Hour of Power.