Namaste! And welcome to episode 26 of DOUGIT the podcast with Franko Heke.

Tune into some whispers and wisdom from Franko as well as a sample of his new mantra album "ENCHANT" from his band The Gaya Tree. It's a beautiful album of Ancient & New Mantra using Maori, Hindi, Sanskrit and English done with a futuristic twist. Let music be thy medicine and gather yourself a copy on iTunes or listen on Spotify. 

Franko's had a fascinating life from the drug, sex, rock n' roll and depression days to playing mantra music, having a child, training to teach yoga and playing at festivals around the world, on stage with the likes of Xzavier Rudd and playing to 3+ million people at the World Culture Festival in India. I even discovered he had a song, We Are One, that went viral supporting the All Blacks in the World Cup which i'm not sure if he will want me sharing but, hah. 

It's amazing to see how far he's come since then and what joy he now brings to his life and others with his musical gift and openness. It's fascinating to look back on our lives, and to even recognise going forward how we're often only a few millimetres or way decision away from breaking through to an extraordinary life. I think Franko is well on his way there. 

Hope you DOUG this episode with Franko and check out his album and his concert dates below. And if you feel like giving back share on social, with a friend or leave a review below. 

Think less, experience more, 

Yours happily, 



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The Gaya Tree - Franko's band

Xzavier Rudd - Musician