There's no such thing as security... there's no safety... there's millions of ways for me to die today. It's a cheap scam to trade the idea of security for the adventure. You're falling. So you might as well turn and fall and say "weee". Take the risk and go for the life you're looking for... Don't be that person that died with regrets... you are free. You can do what ever you need to do." - Wu De

This is a life chancing conversation. I feel so fortunate to have spent time with Wu De, a Zen monk, teacher and student of tea. Wu De is also the founder of - a tea centre in Taiwan and online resources that supplies tea and teachings all around the world. 

Wu De and one of his students and a friend of mine Sam (whom i've had on the podcast before here) were in New Zealand teaching and serving tea recently. I was lucky enough to attend two ceremonies and workshops with them both. And then to spend an hour with Wu De and all his wisdom. The only change i'd make to the conversation is to make it longer. I could listen to Wu De talk all day and night on life, zen and tea. I have a feel the same and feel like a cup of tea too.

Think less, experience more and be free.

Yours happily, 


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