"If it doesn’t touch you. Then change it." 
- Vincent Bolletta - 

Welcome to episode #10 of #DOUGIT with Vincent Bolletta - yoga superstar and teacher to the stars and non famous people who are also stars in this crazy galaxy we reside in that has provided plenty more questions than answers which is a great theme for this episode - accepting the unknown and riddle of life. 

This episode is so much more than yoga. It's a philosophy on life, art, eating chocolate, living out of car and everything in between. Vincent is a wonderful teacher, creative, comedian and artist and his philosophies and insights transcend far beyond the mat.

I hope you enjoy his story as much as I. I also hope you get the chance to enjoy some Organic Mechanic Kombucha. It's the naturally fizzy drink of the future which you can get today and which I share with all my guests on the show. Use the promo code "DOUGIT" and you wonderful listeners will get 20% off your first order of this delicious elixir of health - Order here. 

I also highly recommend getting to one of Vincent's classes and having him challenge your way of thinking and moving. And as always, thanks for all your love and support. Ask questions, slow down, say "F&%K yes or no" more, and think less and experience more,


"The symbol of yoga is not the OM sign, it’s the question mark. What are you teaching?" 
- Vincent Bolletta -