Welcome to #DOUGIT! My first podcast #yolo! Certainly a work in progress and i'm certainly Tom Cruise on an Oprah couch excited to get the first episode out the door and on to the podcast airwaves. So much so i'm going to make like Tom and "cruise" outside to take my new Mexican running sandals for a late night run and to do chin ups in Grey Lynn park followed by cheap Tuesday Vegetarian Tacos. But before I take to some mean Mexican in Ponsonby a little about #DOUGIT, yea that's me referencing myself in third person, kinda...

Inspired by the  Rich Roll podcast, I will be sharing stories from people I "doug", namely the doers of the world who are contributing to create a more creative, positive and conscious planet, and ultimately a happier one :) and people who are just doing cool shit. People like my friend Timmy who broke his back doing back flips in Japan and then decided to break the back of 10 day silent meditation retreat; the happiest guy I know, Shaneo, who Kayaked between the North and South island for the fun of it and who once lived in a 16 person 5 bed house, with Timmy, and saved on dishes by eating out of a dog bowl. And plenty of other cool cats/dogs and an Afghanistan Soldier who likes to wear cowboy hats and recently stole the heart of beautiful heart researcher; an Artist who stole my Tinder date and identity; a lawyer, turned gardner, turned yoga teacher, turned the man; and an Eco cup entrepreneur of the year who shagged his way to success.

Anyhow, more about the first episode! Super stoked, like surfing a barrel drinking a triple expresso with freshly pressed almond milk stocked, to have my Dad, Vince Moore, as the first guest with his reflections from his recent trip - TourD'Afrique - a 12,000+ km ride from Cairo Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa. Yes you read that type right, this ain't no corner dairy ice cream ride. This is a triple scoop, cherry on top, extra sprinkles and covered in shit with kids throwing rocks at you in the savannah flavoured bicycle ride. A remarkable journey and a truly inspiring and insightful and inspiring (yea I said inspiring twice, make that thrice!) recollection into what it means to stop choosing vanilla, to get out of your comfort zone, to get saddle sores and an anaconda in camp, and to ultimately live a life less ordinary.

I hope parts of the story resonate with you and it can be a catalyst to take action, travel, explore and go do the things you love. And also to go buy a bike and if you're on the little Isalnd of NZ get a Little Islands coconut ice cream, you won't regret it :P

Let me know your thoughts, or don't, and share if you enjoy. The podcast will get better with time, possibly a little drunk, and have a bit more body like a nice Pinot out of Dad's cellar. Thanks again Dad for your great story and nice wine! Ride on my friends, and till next time bon appétit! 

Think less, experience more,