"Any sort of plants, that you know, take over, or, cause his whole philosophy is eat the problem so if there's a weed or something thats potentially a pest in the UK he finds out whether it's edible and then incorporates it into a dish, which I think is such a cool way to look at something that is taking over, or damaging the landscape, is just eat it." - Tom Hishon

In 1840 64% of the American labor force were Farmers. Now it's less than 3%. Which is amazing. However with such efficiencies in producing food we've created massive inefficiencies in consuming, packaging and distributing food. We've disconnected from our waste streams and where the food comes from. Which brings me to todays episode with Tom Hishon. 

Tom Hishon is the Executive Chef and Co-founder of Orphans Kitchen and Daily Bread.  He is devote yogi, has a rock star dog Moon (who ate one of my library books before this epidose) a beautiful fiancé Sophie and passion for food and sustainability.

So much so, that for Orphans Kitchen 5th birthday he's bringing Douglas McMaster over from the UK's who's behind the UK's first Zero waste restaurant, Silo. The Ponsonby-based, sustainable festivities will go off on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July, with tickets selling at $120 a pop. Get your tickets here

Bon appetit, 

Think less, experience more,


P.S. If you enjoyed this episode you might enjoy my previous podcast with Tom Hishon here. 

Show notes:

Silo - Douglas McMaster's restaurant in Brighton, UK. 

Orphans Kitchen - Tom Hishon's restaurant in Auckland, NZ. 

Daily Bread - Tom Hishon's bakery in Auckland, NZ. 

Christian Puglisi - Tom's favorite chef.

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