Shaka bra, hah, from laguna beach with Tim Senesi and yours happily. Tim is a local yoga teacher, surfer, standup guy and potential standup comedian with his own yoga youtube channel who I met on my travels and yoga mat in Laguna. He was nice enough to take me surfing, give me some yoga assists, buy me a burrito, introduce me to his family and give me some home grown fejoas which i'll forever been in fruity dept for.

I really resonated with Tim's style of teaching, his outlook on life and energy. You know sometimes you just get the right feeling with someone, Malcolm Gladwell wrote about it in his book blink and i'm writing about it now so what up Malcolm!

Unfortunately I did a Trump/was an idiot and rookied my mic set up for this interview so the audio is not the best however, soon I will get all Tina Turner on it and make it better than all the rest. But for now I hope you can resonate with Tim's insights into the life of a yogi, changing your mindset from a getter to a giver and much more. 

Think less, experience and give more,

Yours happily,



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