"We can rebuild them. We can actually use our sleep to make sure we rebuild our mitocondria and that stops us from ageing. 8 hours of sleep plus. If you want to live long you must sleep.  If you are stressed so are your cells and mitocondria. If you're happy, they are happy. So it's not just about doing the physicalness, but also having the happinesses in your thoughts, in your body and in your cells. So living your dream " – Suzi Nevell

Suzi Nevell has 27+ years as a professional physiotherapist and 16 years as a leading CHEK Insitute senior teacher. She is so good that Paul Chek himself said that she's the greatest he's ever worked with. 

"Suzi Nevell is the best physical therapist I've ever worked with in my professional career. She served as one of our most senior C.H.E.K Institute Instructors for many years... What a blessing her new clinic will be for the people of New Zealand, and those who travel to see her!" – Paul Chek

We are so lucky to have Suzi back in NZ and working her magic in her new clinic Sweet7. The Sweet 7 name comes from the 7 natural and scientific principles of wellbeing and physical health. These are: Movement, Nutrition, Hydration, Community, Thoughts, Sleep and Breathing. 

On this episode, we not only cover off all of these principles but also her history as New Zealand's Trampoline Champion, latest research and findings in sleep, human longevity and one of the most revolutionary techniques Suzi has seen in over 20 years for flexibility, joint mobility and overall health, Eldoa

If you're in Auckland, New Zealand make sure you get to one of her Eldoa classes at Sweet7 and book in a session with her and one of her team if you want to experience the greatest philosophies and teachings on life, health and wellbeing. 

Think less, experience and sleep more,


Show Notes: