“One thing that I think is really powerful and I always like to leave people with is that there is no growth in a comfort zone. If there is something you’re afraid of then that is the thing you need to go after right now. Doesn’t matter what it is. When we face off with our fear it grows our self confidence, it grows our self worth. And we’re like, actually we can do this! It’s been something i’ve done consistently my whole life. And it will do more for you than anything else. “ - Sunniva Holt

Sunniva Holt is the Queen of Fire. She is a self made multi millionaire, author of two No.1 best selling self help and motivation books, speaker & success mindset coach. And she helps ignite people’s inner fire and helps them fully step into their power. 

I find Sunniva’s vulnerability and determination contagious. And I feel a kindred spirit in her continual self growth, clarity of purpose and willingness to go where others won’t. I hope you get as much from this episode as I did.

Think less, experience more and step into the cave you fear the most,


Show Notes:

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- The Hustle Life: 7 Ways To Raise Your Results
- Life On Your Terms : 7 Steps To Creating The Life You Always Wanted

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