A few years ago my Dad was WOF-ing (working on organic farms) up on Quadra Island, Canada. On a local bike ride he ran/biked into Sam and his wife Andrew. Dad discovered Sam was a custom bike builder and that he and Andrea were the fastest in the world (now former) man and woman on a bike! Dad loved Sam's work and was equally as fast to order a custom bike off Sam. However Sam thought dad was most likely low budget traveler and so he was trying to tell him to buy something second hands that he could afford. Dad said money wasn't an issue and ordered the bike to Sam's surprise/humour. 

The bike was to be a commuter, however after dad found the Bicycling The Pacific Coast Highway book he called Sam up and asked for a tour bike. A year later he picked the bike up and rode it from Quadra Island to Mexico. A couple of years later i've come back to follow in his footsteps/bike tracks on his custom NAKED bike.

Before I departed on my trip I was fortunate to fly up to Quadra to meet Sam and Andrea. I was pleasantly greeted by Sam, Andrea and friend playing music, eating lentil soup and drinking craft beer and tea in front of the wood burner. I instantly felt at home and hungry and ate the soup. The next day I was lucky enough to check out Sam's workshop and have a quick chat to himself and Andrea on bikes/life. 

I loved Sam and Andreas work and attitude to life as much as I love pumpkin pie, alot! I hope you dougit too and make sure to check out Sam's  beeauitful bike work at NAKED bicycles.

Think less, experience & bike more, 


Show Notes:

Dario Pegoretti - custom bike builder

FireFly bikes - custom bike builders

Pacific Coast Highway Book