Hola Hombres & Chicas! 

It was a real treat to be back behind the podcast mics and a cup of tea with Sam Gibbs from Global Tea Hut after a few months off on my own global travels. I recently biked from Vancouver BC to Los Angeles before flying to Mexico and Sam had recently returned from his work at Global Tea Hut in Taiwan and by fortuitous timing we were both in Mangawhai, NZ before Sam flew back and able to share a cuppa, or 10... 

I was really captivated by the art of Tea after listening to Sam's teacher, Tea master and Zen monk Wu De, on the Rich Roll podcast. I even went so far as to do an exhibit of art work inspired the philosophy and practice of drinking tea. So I was super excited when our mutual friend and yogi, Nick Robson, put Sam and I in touch. 

Sam was generous enough to take me through a tea ceremony which was beyond words but involved Sam creating a beautiful Chashitsu/tea table setting, 10 cups or so of tea steeped and poured to perfection (or an attempt of), an hour or so of silent meditation with only nature and eastern music playing which combined in a transformative experience which I goes beyond words but I will try to describe as a deep hypnotic and meditative experience that seemed to reveal the mysteries of the world and deep inner peace. My first thoughts were that everyone must experience this and there's no way I can drink this much tea without needing to take a piss mid ceremony. 

I hope you DOUG the podcast as much as I did and get to experience the teachings of tea and ceremony with Sam and Wu De this summer at Wanderlust on the 2nd-5th of Feb or on their tour of NZ in March. And make sure to sign up to the Global Tea Hut magazine for what Sam guarantees me as the best mail you will receive every month full of insights on tea, zen and your own samples of the finest teas which support Global Tea Hut in building their new tea centre and supplying tea around the world which is tea-riffic. 

Think less, experience more tea/zen, 

Yours happily,


Links to come :)