Rob Tucker, if he has to call himself anything, is an "artist-painter" and promoter of Bob Marley and one love. He paints "shit hot" still life paintings of boats, flowers, food and kitchen stuff in vibrant colours and textures with strange names. 

Inspired by many sources including the bricks on his studio wall and one of my favourite painters Jean-Michel Basquiat his work has high energy, a sense of play and a "what's for lunch?" kiwiana kitchen vibe. Back from a few years stint in Berlin and London where his dealer gallery is, you can find him most days in his industrial brick walled Devonport studio or outside on an adventure escaping the fumes of a few fresh coats of varnish exercising his body and mind to Bonobo, lunch, a surf or something.

Make sure you check his work here and get your parents to buy a piece if you're too poor to do so like me.  

Think less, experience and love more, 


Music by Arthur Ahbez

Show Notes:

Abstract Expressionism movement

Willem de Kooning 

Glen Wolfgramm

Philip Guston