Peter Cullinane is an Ex-Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide chief operating officer, STW director, Assignment Group co-founder, NZME board member and cream/founder of the Lewis Road Creamery. He is also the Husband of Vicky Cullinane who owns the most beautiful yoga studio i've ever seen and am lucky enough to teach at - Studio Red Yoga

Peter struck me, not physically, but rather charismatically as such a generous, happy, passionate and aspiring guy. After one of our advanced yoga workshops at Studio Red he wrote a wonderful email the next day full of praise. And every time i've met him or seen him he's been a real joy to be around and full of fishing stories, his favourite past time. The fact he also happens to be a highly successful advertising and business man intrigued me. I wanted to know his secrets to business and living a happy fulfilled life and I was not disappointed. 

Unfortunately in my excitement to record this interview at his stunning farm barn style Lewis Road Creamery office I left a cord behind for one of my mics so had to improvise on my iphone for the recording which lowered the audio quality. However Peters interview quality more than made up for my error and made the podcast still worth sharing. 

I must note I am not pro dairy, particularly with it's environmental effects. However I do still have butter on my toast occasionally and believe the issue is not dairy, but rather industrial agriculture. And I beleive Peters work with Lewis Road Creamery is certainly a step in the right direction and his teachings, and philosophies on life and business are truly inspirational and worth sharing. So don't throw the cow out with the dairy waste man. 

Think less, experience more, 


Show notes:

Winston Churchill Biography - There are so many so not sure what one Peter Actually referenced. 

Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia

Fun While It Lasted: My Rise and Fall in the Land of Fame and Fortune