Olá amigos!

Welcome to episode #18 of DOUGIT the podcast with hand-balancing maestro Miguel Santana. 

From Brazil to New Zealand to the World to this podcast, Miguel has been turning world's upside around the world for over 2 years now as one of the world's very best teachers in the art of hand-balancing. I have loved being one of his students and I love his story as it's so utterly unconventional! 

It's so wonderful how he went from a gardner to a one of the world's best hand-balancers self taught from watching videos on YouTube and practicing in his room late at night while his friends were out drinking. It truly is life changing! And he practices what he preaches. He loves mangoes and many different types of fruit, action movies, and movement practices, but at the end of the day he is not trying to balance life (sorry I had too, hah) he is sacrificing much to simply live and breathing his passion of hand-balancing, inspiring thousands and supporting himself and his family along the way. It reminds me of Mike Row from dirty jobs who would say, don't chase your passion, take your passion with you.  

I hope this podcast inspires you to put your hands down on the floor and turn your world upside down. No excuse, no teacher, no skills, no experience, necessary.  You just need to be curious and to do it! But know it is an art and requires time and discipline. And ideally sometime learning from a maestro like Miguel. 

Obrigado to you all for tuning in,

Think less, experience & handstand more,