Bonjour! Welcome to #DOUGIT episode #2 - 'Make Good Art' with Jordan Barnes.

Jordan had been a friend of mine for sometime #rhymes. His creative endeavours include painting paintings, singing songs, filmmaking and acting as well as acting like a dude and stealing my girls, literally. He has been involved in projects alongside some of New Zealand’s top artists and also collaborated with NZ actress Anna Paquin for the 2011 WWF Ocean Views campaign #nobiggie. In 2010, way back when, at 24 years of age, Jordan was awarded the inaugural NZAAT $15000 artist which really kickstarted his career as a painter and got him turpentine poisoning as he unknowingly slaved away with solvents filling up his residency studio. Since then he's cleaned up his turps act and ridden a wave of success and surf as he's also a a bit of a 'Slater' wave slayer on a piece of fibreglass. 

Jordan and I share a lot of similarities, coming from a small town, having creative ambitions, loving life, living healthy, and even looking a bit the same. I've been confused for him a few times including once at a hair modeling gig, another story/episode of New Plymouths next not top model, which is a compliment to me as he's a fine looking chap and a also a reminder of a bad purple hair day.

This podcast was recored several months ago after Jordan cleaned up at a local art auction and bought himself a ticket to California. I was humbled and slightly unprepared as he took me up on my offer of a chat over a cup of tea and slice of apple before he took off to take his shirt off on sunnier shores.

As I wasn't set up with my podcast mics yet I improvised and used an iphone to record the conversation which i'm glad I did as I sacrificed a bit of audio quality for making like Caesar and "c-eizing" the opportunity. There are many gems as I stumble/mumble and say "yea" & "like" way too many times (note for self) while discussing everything from dealing with his brother going through cancer by creating work, to reality checks from Max Gimblett in the Big Apple/New York, to reality chicks as we discuss the silliest reasons for creative work, to celebrating success, having fun seeing your mates off their face and Jordan's sweet melodies as I open and close the podcast with his track 'You & Me' which was music to my ears and hopefully yours.

Hope you enjoy the chat. If you #DOUGIT, a review on iTunes or a share with a friend would be like freshly baked dark chocolate blueberry muffin, amazing and sweet and even better shared with a friend and cup of tea. Likes on facebook, and comments on the page are also much appreciated #Like. The And if you want to feel like a million dollars for approx $7 a juice (I know I said $6 in the podcast, #mybad, but if you're short of a dollar you can try Aloe Blacc) with coldpress juices from my super nutritious friend Tania at The Wellness Hub. Also you can follow Jordan on his  Website here,  Facebook here and see the painting of his brother and the divers below. And make sure you check out Neil Gaiman's - Keynote Address 2012 that was mentioned in the podcast, it's amazing.

Until next time spread the love, embrace your mistakes and make good art.

Think less, experience more,