W-a-nderful welcome to episode #15 of DOUGIT the podcast with Jonnie Halstead! Jonnie and his wife Jacque are the Australasian business partners of Wanderlust worldwide. A formidable duo who combine their big smiles, passion for food, yoga, music and community to bring one of the most fabulous festivals down under to New Zealand and Australia. 

To Wanderlust is to have a strong desire to travel. To go to a Wanderlust Festival is to experience an all-out celebrations of mindful living with a diverse range of world class yoga and meditation teachers to musicians, speakers chefs and everything in between, including three of my favourite activities, slack lining, massage circles and meeting beautiful people. 

I was privileged to attend Wanderlust last Waitangi weekend in Taupo, NZ and track Jonnie down over a beer by a pool in the sun following the final act of the festival - the mindful and magnificent musician Xavier Rudd. Jonnie and Jacque practice what they preach - balancing out family, a transient/wanderlust lifestyle, and long days and nights of work to bring one the greatest festivals/experiences in the world down under. 

For me the teachings of Maty Ezraty's, the music of Xzavier Rudd, the diverse loving community of attendees and natural hot springs in the area combined for my most enjoyable festival experience to date, full stop, full of Organic Mechanic Kombucha, slacking off on the slackline, free massages and new yoga moves to sweet grooves. 

In this conversation we cover off what it means to be an Eco Warrior inspired by the likes of Patogonia, the vision for the festival, how Jonnie and Jacque got started with Wanderlust, highlights of this years Taupo festival (which were many) and the greater philosophies of life, risk taking and dealing with stress. 

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did and that you too can enjoy a Wanderlust festival as much as I did. If you "doug" the chat, would love to hear from you, a share, comment, text (if you got my digits :) a high five on the street would be much appreciated. And if you need a hand with anything, feel free to get in touch particularly if you need a hand finishing off some guacamole :P 

Much love as always, think less experience more, and keep wandering my friends,



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