Hello friends and friends I haven't yet met. Welcome to an awesome episode #16 of Dougit the podcast with the man behind the flowers, beard, the charity Live More Awesome and a new book titled - A Guide to Live More Awesome Volume 1 - Mr Jimi Hunt!!!

Mental health is something we all have like constant cravings for chocolate and guacamole (and by all I mean me) physical health but somehow we don't treat it with the same enthusiasm, flash lycra and gym selfies, until now.... Jimi Hunt has brought new life and awesomeness to what is normally a sad old/new story. From building the world's biggest waterslide, to taking a Lilo down the Waikato River, to giving TED talks and giving away almost every possession he has, he has helped to inspire, encourage, inform and  provide help for people struggling with depression, anxiety and suicide and for those who just feel like they could get a bit more "zip" into their mental stride and a more interesting pair of pants.

Socrate wrote that: 

'No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. ... for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.

Yet somehow we don't approach mental health the same. Jimi was kind enough to give me a copy of his new book and sit down with me in a fine/bizarre pair of pants for a chat minus the small talk plus some funny and fascinating insights. I wish Jimi all the best on his new crusade to inspire the world through inspiring 7% off us so that he can tip the mentality on mental health in a more positive direction away from Kardashians towards health and happiness as the measures of success of the future.  

I encourage you to buy his awesome book, check out live more awesome, spread some awesomeness around the issue of mental health and write an awesome comment below, on Instagram or facebook for your chance to win a copy of Jimi's book. 

Think less, experience more, and live more awesome!

Doug :)

Jimi's personal website and link to buy his book

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Jimi's Ted Talk on building the world's longest waterslide

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