"Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods". 

I was writing down a list of of people I wanted to interview on my podcast for the year, Jake Millar was one of them. I then saw a photo of Jake with Sebby Woodhouse at his new favourite restaurant Amano. So I looked Jake up on facebook, saw he was friends with a mutual friend Ryan Everton who's previously been on the podcast. I gave Ryan an email, got an into then snap, crackle and pop in the inbox I had a reply and a meeting 3 days later. 

I was excited to meet Jake and even more so after this interview. The guy dressed sharp as Ricky Martin and was hungry as a starving labrador looking at sausages to achieve his goals. The day we met he had just interviewed Geoff Ross and was about to sky dive out of plane in between meetings. I loved his energy and excitement for life and his own story and also his passion that I share for questioning the norms and education system, as he said, "it's fucked". And not only is he asking questions he's also proving answers including the two game changing business he's founded, Oomper which he's now sold, Unfiltered which provides a business education platform, and he also has a scholarship in the pipeline similar to that of Peter Thiels fellowship

I hope to be able to achieve and ounce of Jake's business success, perform a one arm handstand, have an outdoor bath with the girl of my dreams, buy my first home and help increase the health and happiness of NZ this year. I hope Jake's story and this podcast helps you to do the same, metaphorically speaking, I wouldn't want anyone else in the tub with my girl :P 

Think less experience more, 

Yours happily, 


Show Notes:

Jake Millar - Home website.

Unfiltered - Jake's business on business growth.

Richard Branson Book - I'm not sure what one it was, but I assume it was Losing my Virginity. 

Think and Grow Rich - Book by Napoleon Hill on getting rich it seems.

The Winners Bible - Book on winning at life by Kerry Spackman, also a friend of Jake's.

Eric Watson - Second father, League supporter and successful business man.

Little Bird Organics - Jakes one stop juice shop. 

My Food Bag - food delivered to your door but not yet cooked for you.

Amano - Favourite new restaurant.

Ebisu - Favourite restaurant.

Blue Elephant Thai - Favourite restaurant. 

Cibo - Favourite restaurant.