"Entrepreneurship is a journey of self-discovery. It gives you experiences. Hopefully it gives me the ability to impact and influence but it’s not the key reason I’m doing it. I’m doing it to put myself in situations I wouldn’t normally put myself in. I’m going to learn and grow as a person infinitely more than if just stuck in my safe world you know? I think when you look at it that way a lot of the pressure comes off to fucking get it all right.” 
Jade Gray

Jade Gray is the Patagonia of Pizza & founder of Gung Ho Pizza. He is also a visionary entrepreneur, explorer of life, B Corporation member, founder of Beijing Earth Day, Studio Red yogi, an all round nice guy & William Defoe doppelgänger. 

Think less, experience more & be better,

Yours happily, 


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Show notes:

EO - Entrepreneurship Organisation

Michael Mayell - Mentor and founder of Cookie Time & Nutrient Rescue. 

Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon

Pyro Pizza 

Gung Ho Pizza

Nelson Mandella

Richard Branson

Jane Goodall


180 Degree South - Film about journey of Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard

South West China cities - Chengdu & Kunming


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