BULA! Welcome to a special sing along Kiritan and Kava drinking DOUGIT podcast with Franko Heke! 

In this episode #17 of DOUGIT the podcast I am joined by Franko Heke, our brother from another mother and also an amazing singer, musician, and Wallah (leader of Kiritan). As well as Nick "Mr Avocados" Corliss and Raj "Bunjee Lemons" Joshi from the Organic Mechanic, Toshido "Tomatoes" our part Japanese part Chillian part enlightened shaman temporary flatmate and our neighbour Sylvia – silverbeet.

At our Organic Mechanic flat HQ we often sit down in the evenings for a Kava session led by Nicky Avocados. Kava is a special Fijian drink and ceremony where tribes gather to drink Kava, a sedative crop that tastes like dirt, together with an intention, clapping, much chanting of BULA, hilarious conversation and in this particular episode a dash of kiritan/singing! 

I've started recording these sessions as it embodies everything the podcast represents - a conscious gathering and conversation with friends who are changing the world and sending out the higher vibration. And no one does that better than my man Franko Heke who was fresh from playing the World Culture Festival in India to 3+ Million people! That's right a gig to 3 Million people with speakers every 500 meters blasting out Franko's golden vocals to pretty much the size of NZ in one place!!! He also played the Bali Spirit Festival on his return and is now back in NZ spreading the love and Kiritan each week often with his band the Gaya Tree. 

It's a joy to share his thoughts on Kiritan and singing, and the thoughts of the other Kavacast tribe members who were present, on how we can be more liberated and create a space where we can all be human together. 

It's also a joy to share Franko's song he wrote about saving NZ's water. Show notes and links to come as I have to whip off to teach a yoga class and to sing a few OM's.