"You don't go to the gym once and expect to be fit."

Emily is the founder of Conscious Boss, her life and business coach for woman in wellness. As well as coaching she also organises wonderful cliques/events, most recently with Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos. Not only is she generous enough to share her story on the podcast she's also given all my listeners the chance to experience her Preston and Alexi event online here.

I hope you enjoy the talk and her video with Preston and Alexi and feel inspired to find your own coach and your own business. As Em says, the best time to start is NOW! 

Yours happily, 


Show Notes:

Podcast - Lewis Howes

Documentaries - I am not your Guru (Tony Robbins)The mask you live in , Earthlings

Life Coaches - Tony Robbins, Cameron GallagherDr Dean Martini

Relationship coach - Ayla AmanoMark Groves

Meditation course - Sri Chinmoy centre

Marketing book I recommend from Jay Abraham - Getting everything you've got out of everything you've got.   

Background music - Franko Heke and the Gaya Tree 

Video conferencing software - Zoom

Charitable Trust - Bridge the gap 



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