"Careers are over now. I don't want to have a career. I want to have some kind of life. I want to be alive while working."
- Darren Smith

La bienvenida a gente guapa! Welcome beautiful people to episode #11 of #DOUGIT with Darren Smith. Truth be told, this is actually the first episode of the podcast. Darren was kind enough to sit down for a chat with me over a cup of tea and toast at the start of the year as a trial run/chat. Recorded this bad/interesting boy on the iphone off the cuff after a yoga sesh with the man himself. 

D-Money, aka Darren, is a very smart dude of a dude and his story parallels mine quite closely. We grew up together going to the same primary, intermediate, and high school and spent much time battling on the chess board and cricket field. And ended up both transitioning to teaching Yoga at the same time after much time apart and corporate careers. 

One of the most intelligent guys at school he could choose any field to go into so his transition from Law and Philosophy Scholar to contemplating medicine, to practicing law, then deciding to give it up some what serendipitously to garden, run and teach yoga at the Sivananda centre and now to council is a fascinating one. 

"The mindset that goes with yoga hangs around in some sense. By doing this I will still carry around this increased peace even if I were to stop... Once you've gone a certain distance down the path there is no turning back." 
- Darren Smith

His sense of humour, compassion, adventurous spirit and most envious for me, his ability to look at life objectively and measure variables is a lovely way to approach life. Check out his doc below on how he structures and records all aspects of his life. Having dealt with depression, family mental health issues, and the struggles of everyday life and the question of "what do you do?". I think Darren truly is a ordinary hero. Someone who's true to his word and heart and is contributing to make the world a better place and breaking norms. 

Anyhow that's enough sentimental "stuff", there's plenty of gems in the conversation, plenty of toast (I apologise for all the crunching), and a dope track called Y.O.G.A which is bizarre and the business! 

And it's a great time of year for gratitude/love/being a dude, so give some love in the form of a text, shout out, call, high five to a friend/stranger/dog. If you want to send some love my way share this podcast with a friend, on social media or write a comment below and i'll be happy as Larry/Doug. And toast some toast and a glass of Organic Mechanic Kombucha to this podcast, the human experience, and dogs riding skate boards with 20% off all first time orders online at www.organicmechanic.co.nz

Think less, experience more, 


Darren's weekly spreadsheet: 


A History of Western Philosophy - Bertrand Russell