Ciao bella gente! Welcome to Episode 21 with Damaris Coulter on DOUGIT the podcast. 

Queen D, aka Miss Personality (she actually won that award), aka Damaris is one half of the super sister Duo behind the dopest Italian restaurant in town - Coco's Cantina. Damaris and her Sister Renee grew up in Kaitaki and have a lifetime worth of lessons, travel, creativity and hilarity they have managed to fuse together, without killing each on the way, into the delicious melting pot, their home, Coco's Cantina. When you dine, drink, tinder date, break up a brawl, tell some bitch to stop causing a scene at Coco's you feel like you are one of the family. The love and community they put into the place is next level. Everything from the Beyonce photos, Toby Morris illustrations, to the BE KIND business cards adds to the richness of the experience at Coco's.

Damaris is on a mission to the best fucking human she can be, to spread the "Realness" (which will soon be an app too to help you find the best locally owned operated restaurants in town and much more) and to equalise inequality. She tells it like it is and cuts threw the bullshit. I love how she embraces life and even the odd c%$nts too to turn it into art/good/something, like the bad reviews on their website which are hilarious! 

I hope you DOUG Queen D on the podcast and get to experience the magnificence that is Coco's for yourself. I also teach yoga there at Middnight once a week on Wed/Thur, if you're interested in getting loose after getting loose PM me. 

Think less, experience more & be kind! 


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