"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." - Chuck Palahniuk'

Ciao bella! Welcome to episode #5, of #DOUGIT with Camden Howitt from Sustainable Coastlines.

Cam is the man, and not just because it rhymes, like "hey ho lets go", but because he is also a tip top kiwi bloke and the General Manager and Communications Director for multi-award winning New Zealand charity Sustainable Coastlines. In his (increasingly medium rare Broccoli on the BBQ) spare time he also shoots photos, writes, designs websites, crafts infographics and works on brand strategy for several organisations through his whale of good time design agency - Whale Shark

In our short but sweet, Eight Thirty caffeinated conversation at their new Auckland urban refurbished, reused #sustainable, camping headquarters we dive head first mouth open into some shitty, how was single use plastic ever a good idea, problems that can't be resolved Kardashian style with a bit of surgery - #nobigbutts ifs or maybes.

Truth is, New Zealand and the world has more than 99 problems, and single use plastic is a big one - I'd add turmeric to my smoothie and dairy and agriculture to the top of that list too. So much so we can't swim in half of our rivers a 100% of the time, and 90% of them when it rains, because when it rains it pours and pollutes with plastics and a variety of things all of which end up in our H2-0hhno, which is just bananas and as a percentage more toxic than Kardashians reality TV. 

Who's to blame? I don't know. Shaggy would say it wasn't him. Too be honest I ate all my flat mates cookies this weekend, and it's all of us. Good/bad advertising, lack of awareness, too many Kanye's rapping rubbish, too many cows, dags and Israel Dagg's repping Powerade and not enough power to the people.

However it's not all Michael Jackson Bad and that movie Blue Valentine is sad. But there is a solar powered flash light at the end of the tunnel, with a BBQ, people planting trees, kids cleaning up beaches and sometimes a guy named Jack last named after your old fella, "Johnson", making every problem that seems so bananas in to "Banana Pancakes" #smoothsegue - all thanks to the Cam & Co at Sustainable Coastlines. 

These guys/girls and friendly volunteers for SC, like most have sexy dreams, about Scarlett Jo and Ryan Go. But also sexy sustainable dreams about a better reality. One with inspired people, healthy waters and beautiful beaches. And unlike dreams about naked celebrities this is one you can be apart of. 

So don't stay "Sitting, Waiting, Watching". Know that we're "Better Together".  And together we can turn this problem "Upside Down", lessen the "Plastic Traffic in the Sky" and waterways, and be an "Angel" to mother nature. Because there's "No Other Way" and you "Never Know" what a "Fortunate Fool" you are and how big a change you can make - #JackJohnson. 

On that musical note, make sure the only thing you wrap plastic in is a penis and maybe your hands if your a doctor and doing heart surgery after peeling spuds. Let's make a lasting change and get down and dirty planting trees rather than polluting waterwas. Check out the video below of - MIDWAY a Message from the Gyre and the events that Sustainable Coastlines have coming up. And remember to do be the change, be nice to people, eat your greens and know...

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." — The Dalai Lama

Think less, and experience more, 


*NOTE: 50% of World's Edge art works go towards supporting the efforts of Sustainable Coastlines (website to be updated soon, and photos uploded to dougit.nz). Beautiful Jack Johnson cover by Alice Kristiansen.