I was lucky enough to have Blair in one of my Yoga classes at Studio Red. He was a friend of a friend, looked like a bit of an athlete and top bloke #bromance. When I asked what he was up to he modestly said he was off to Rio. I didn't realise it was to compete in the Olympics! 

After returning from Rio I thought it would be great to catch him and get some insights on what it was like to compete at the games, win gold, and then come back to reality. In particular how he stays happy, motivated and keeps the sails full after reaching the peak of sport. 

I love Blair's down to earth attitude, passion for following your heart and sustainability of the sea and I hope you do too. He's a man of the ocean and the people and I look forward to seeing him compete with Team NZ next year and hopefully get under/on/in the water with him somewhere soon. 

As always, hope you DOUGIT! 

Please share, comment if you do. And for mental health week share a hug, your story or support someone in need. 

Yours happily, 


Show notes:

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