Ben is back! This is my second episode with this legend and if you haven't listened to the first it's a real doozy on how to die with fantastic health and you can check it out here. For those who don't know Ben he's the boss of personalised health, happiness and BePure. And he really walks, eats, drinks and exercises the talk with such amazing infectious energy, health and purpose. 

Recently Ben and his team opened a new clinic in Auckland which is the business literally and metaphorically. He's also been doing some wonderful research with his PHD in mental health through increases B vitamins and Zinc which I was really excited to talk about as well as all his latest scientific findings and philosophies on life.

My focus with the podcast is to help create a happier and healthier world and this episode and the work of Ben and the Be Pure team certainly does that. Hope you dougit as always and check out BePure and their new clinic. 

Think less, experience more, 


Show notes:

Dr Patterson Stark

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda

Paul Chek

Jerome Sarris

Dr Ian Shaw

Martin Kennedy