Welcome to Dougit episode #13 with Ben Warren - founder of BePure, one of NZ's leading nutrition and holistic health experts, former golf pro, permaculturist, and all round nice guy - see for yourself here and check out his TED talk here.

This chat is my favourite yet! Lucky number 13 maybe? Or maybe just that Ben's such a kindred sole, his path so closely mapping my own that it felt like just catching up with a long lost very intelligent considered friend. 

Ben is inspirational because he is so inspired by his own work in holistic nutrition. I felt like I could talk to the guy all day about his research, methods and thoughts on everything from nutrition myths, to issues with water consumption, preventative disease, soil nutrition, athletic biomechanics, spiritual practices, negative ions exposure through barefoot walking, supplement use and misuse, meditation to the latest fad diets or memes and everything in between.

His work is helping change the world for the positive and he has a great focus on preventative measures rather then treating symptoms which I love. I also love his idea of dying by of old age. Something I think we should all aim to live/die for. 

For the athletes out there Ben has also helped Kevin Manual become one of the world's fittest men (I'll be talking to Kevin on my next podcast). And he is certainly helping me "sur-thrive", why just survive when you can "sur-thrive" as Daniel Vitalis from the ReWilding podcast would say, with his BePure range and advice. I hope to do a full DNA and microbiome testing with him soon and also check out his soil nutrition and permaculture work.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as we kick off another year with a glass of red wine or two, expansive hopes, dreams, night swims and ambitions for a life less ordinary, or at least I do.

I also hope you can visit his clinic in the wonderful Hawkes Bay, visit their new offices in Auckland or try his programs and supplements for yourself at BePure.co.nz

Think less, experience more,