Ben is the founder of New Age Primal with Dr Greg Emerson. They're both by chance former elite and professional athletes and passionate preventative care preachers. Their facilitate performance and survival courses for corporates, teams, individuals and even professional athletes, helping them thrive and rather than just survive. 

By chance/instagram I think, I was lucky enough to get in touch with Ben and stay with his partner Bel and their husky dog Maska last winter on a ski trip with the Organic Mechanic boys. On this trip Ben took us river surfing, cold water swimming off his river jetty and made us an epic fire and cooking pit in the back yard for a primal organic feast after an afternoons skiing. We didn't have time for a podcast whilst I was there so it was a real treat to catch Ben on skype, despite some loss in audio. 

I loved Ben's mission, focus and determination, particularly with his work in creating awareness for epilepsy which he lives and with. He doesn't just walk the talk, he runs, swims, forages, and pushes the boundaries of it what is possible mentally and physically. He also has a a beautiful new child Zahara and plenty of New Age Primal work on the go. 

This talk has inspired me to learn survival skills and see what I'm really capable when you're life's on the line. It reminds me of a lesson Wu De, the Tea Master and Zen monk, shared with me in the car recently, that all successful people in business, life, sport and even spiritual practices are hungry for challenges. They don't just overcome them they seek them out. I hope to seek some with Ben shortly and I hope you do to. 

Think less, experience more and don't just survive, thrive! 

Yours happily, 


Show notes:

Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas (50th Anniversary Edition)

Deep Survival - by Laurence Gonzales

Daniel Vitalis - Host of Rewild Yourself podcast