I first heard Arthur Ahbez with my ears. And it was love at first listen. His music is barnstorming good. And his first album "Gold" is one of my favourite albums of all time. He instantly conjures up comparison to Neil Young, Bob Dylan and folk, alt, rock and roll singers of the past yet remains fresh and exciting as eating freshly picked wild oregano. 

Arthur brings amazing energy on stage and i've been lucky enough to seem him play many a time and even pick up my current girlfriend at one of his shows. He has such great energy, talent and passion for making music and a philosophical mind that enjoys toast. If you feel like toasting his fine tunes make sure to buy his album here but make sure it's made of almond meal and minus the peanut butter to be lectin free, find out why here.  

And as Arthur says so aptly, love yourself, love your neighbour and love nature, 

Think less, experience and love more, 


Show notes:

Man's search for himself - Rollo May

Man's search for meaning - Viktor Frankl

Neil Young