"The hardest part of going for a run is putting on your shoes... Once you've got your shoes on you're half way there." – Art Green

Fact of the day! Did you know? According to psychological research, your willpower is like a muscle. It’s a finite resource that depletes with use. In short, willpower sucks. Forget about it. It doesn't work. Instead of focusing on your behavior, focus on your environment. Your environment — including the people you surround yourself with — is the clearest indicator of who you are and who you’re becoming.

Hopefully, I'm becoming more like Art Green,  Former Bachelor NZ winner, social media influencer, athlete, entrepreneur, fiance to Matilde Rice and father / Instagramer of two hilarious cats, Brian and Christine. 

In this episode we talk about the benefits of fasting, Art's mindset in business, life, and motivation for going on the Bachelor and Fight for Life. We also discuss his social media presence and strategies online as well as his current projects and passions including his fundraising and training for Movember and the New York Marathon.

You can support his efforts here at Art's Movember Run Club fundraising page. And his new range of Clean Paleo low sugar Better Balls are out now! Leave a review, comment or share here or on the DOUGIT Instagram or Facebook for your chance to win some of Art's delicious balls. 

Think less, experience more, put your shoes on and get out there! 


Show Notes:

Willpower Doesn't Work: Benjamin Hardy's new book.

Elemental Health: Providers of Wim Hof Workshops

Orphans Kitchen for the best kumara fries in town. 

The 7 Levels Deep Exercise

Benefits of fasting with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Benefits of fasting with Dr. Dominque D'Agostino's  

Movember charity

Plate Up: Art's meal delivery business. 

Clean Paleo: Art's paleo nutrition company. 

Music for this week episode from Arthur Ahbez