Teacher Doug is a former advertising creative turned yoga teacher, and all-round good guy. Despite his corporate background, Doug was bound to have a love for yoga – thanks to Mum teaching Les Mills Body Balance classes, it runs in the family. At Studio Red, Doug teaches Yin and Vinyasa, with an approach he describes as "not too serious". What can you expect to take away from Doug's classes? In his own words, "humour, happiness, excitement, gangster music, fashion", Instagram images of me doing poses with my tongue out, and a lot of fun!"Outside of practising, Doug's loves include almond butter and banana on toast, bike riding, inspiring people to move and eat more plants, foreign films, Bill Murray, Natalie Portman, The Strokes, swimming at Sentinel Beach, surfing badly, The Wim Hoff method, plugging his podcast DOUGIT – Dougit.nz, and making people happy!

My first introduction to Yoga was through my mother Kathy - #mumstheword -who is a beautiful being and yoga teacher.


I was initially attracted to yoga for increased flexibility and the ability to encounter a girl I liked who used to attend the same class.


What continues to attract me now is a feeling - a feeling of toasted ginger bread with chia seed jam, aka delicious, profound and one that requires some nurture to create.  


My focus is to develop environments that enable this feeling and happiness to flourish through primary movement patterns - the likes of squatting, crawling and eating bananas - and expose new ways of thinking, not thinking, breathing and bad jokes.


Yoga for me is not the goal; it is a tool to be more present and free in body and mind so that we can have greater longevity and spontaneity to enjoy the things we love to do. 


I feel very fortunate to earn a living asking people if they could please lift their buttocks higher to the sky as if aliens were adducting them. Through my teaching, my podcast - dougit.nz – and creative endeavours I hope to continue to inspire myself so that I can do the same for others.


Happiness is the way,